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Form Work System and Scaffolding System

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Form Work System and Scaffolding System


Dear Sir !

It is honor to introduce our company to you.
This is Ye Weon Co. LTD (CEO : Mr. Weon Beom Kim) in Korea.
Our company has been designing and manufacturing Form Work System and Scaffolding System which are essentially involved in Ferro- construction works (ex. Officetel, Condominium, Highest Building, Apartment, Factory, Bridge, Dam, Complex Buildings, etc. ) over 20 years.

Our major products are as below.
1. Gang Form (It is able to be combined with Scaffolding System.)
2. Aluminum Form
3. Euro-Form
4. Special Form Work System (Round Form, ColumForm,PierForm, Coping Form, Box Culvert Form, etc.)
5. Scaffolding System (Working Bracket, Walking Board, Hand Rail, etc.)

We can supply not only major products but also accessories (Joint Pin, Form Tie, Bolt & Nut, Steel Pipe, etc.) and other consumable construction materials (Support, Rebar Support, Concrete Spacers, etc.) since we are related with various manufacturers of building materials.

In addition, we are selling our technologies we retain. We retain lots of technologies which are to manufacture and build products in Form Work System and Scaffolding System.
If you want to challenge new technologies, please contact us.

We have high-skilled technologies and we are reliable company.
We would like to establish a good business relationship with you, so we will do our best to offer
a competitive price.
We look forward to hearing good news from you.

Thank you.

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Form Work System and Scaffolding System

Form Work System and Scaffolding System